Elderberry Tonic


Elderberry Tonic

This ready-to-sip elderberry tonic is a lovely blend of our own organic elderberries and a carefully-sourced organic elderberry concentrate. We believe this team of elderberry works best in providing you a solid elderberry punch. With each serving of 1 teaspoon you score 2,223 mg of elderberry!

We add just enough local honey to balance and sweeten our elderberry and herb blend. We believe honey is the perfect compliment to the berry and we love supporting our neighboring beekeepers.

All herbs too are organic and body-boosting, specifically selected for their abilities and their flavor.

This “Christmas in a bottle” is the best gift you can give yourself!

Size: 16 fl. oz

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Organic elderberries, structured water, honey, organic rose hips, organic ginger root, organic cloves, organic ceylon cinnamon


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