Elderberry Tonic

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Elderberry Tonic

Similar in taste and function to the more commonly seen “elderberry syrup,” our tonic is supportive and healing and what you’ve been missing! This ready-to-sip elderberry tonic is a lovely blend of our own elderberries and a carefully-sourced elderberry concentrate. We believe this team of elderberry works best in providing you a solid elderberry punch while keeping dosage low and that cost too.

With each serving of 1 teaspoon you score 2,223 mg of elderberry!

We add just enough local honey to balance and sweeten our elderberry and herb blend. We believe honey is the perfect compliment to the berry and we love supporting our neighboring and fellow Iowa beekeepers.

All herbs are body-boosting, specifically selected for their abilities and their flavor.

This “Christmas in a bottle” is the best gift you can give yourself!

Size: 16 fl. oz


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elderberries, structured water, honey, rose hips, ginger root, cloves, ceylon cinnamon


Our ready-to-sip elderberry tonic, comparable to an elderberry syrup, is 16 ounces of tasty wellness. We love how versatile this tonic is. We are always finding a new way to enjoy it! Shoot this immune boosting good by the shot or mix it in to your favorites. 

2 reviews for Elderberry Tonic

  1. Angela

    There is no wrong way to drink this goodness up! love, Love, LOVE it!!!!

  2. Sara Struble

    Such a wonderful taste and important benefits from this tonic! Thank you for making this available.

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