Raw Iowa Honey


Raw Iowa Honey 

Enjoy approximately one pound of this sweet elixir, made by Iowa’s most hardworking bees and collected by their keepers. We believe honey is the ultimate elderberry companion—I mean have you tried this duo in our Tonic? But too, raw honey as a stand alone is a health powerhouse. And even better, this honey is produced from some hives about 6 miles from our farm, as the crow flies. 

Try adding this to our DIY Tonic kit or drizzle it on literally anything and feel the love.


Crystalized honey? No worries. 

If you are noticing that your honey is beginning to crystalize—don’t panic! This is normal and natural. The same will occur in the hive if it’s gets too cool. You can try storing it in a warmer place in your home or you can warm it gently yourself. To do so, set your honey container into a larger glass bowl. Heat some water to 95-110 degrees and pour this warm water into the glass bowl, surrounding your container of honey. Allow it to sit in this bath to warm and stir occasionally. 


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