Organic Dried Elderberries


Organic Dried Elderberries

Want to get to know the elderberry for yourself? Our dried or dehydrated organic elderberries are just for you. Nothing added, nothing taken away, these berries are versatile and nourishing. 

Picked at peak freshness from our organic orchard, our berries are cleaned, sorted, and dehydrated right here on our farm. We believe this is how not only bold freshness is preserved but all those powerful nutrients are too. 

With a long shelf-life and endless possibilities, dehydrated berries are great to have on hand. Muffins? Scones? Oatmeal? Teas? Infusions? You name, these berries make it better.

Size: 1 pound


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Organic dried whole elderberries (sambucus canadensis) 


Sambucus canadensis or the American Elderberry is native to our Iowa region and as replenishing to our bodies as it has been to our land. We encourage you to do some research into what separates the American Elder and the European Elder!


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