Frozen Elderberries, Raw


Organic Raw Frozen Elderberries, Bulk

Our organic frozen raw elderberries will take you about as close as you can to harvesting the berries yourself! We love these frozen berries because they’re full of nutrients, full of juice, and full of color. 

Basically this is an elderberry u-pick but all year around and without the trudging through our Iowa orchard. Man, talk about handy. These frozen berries are great in syrups or cordials, jams or jellies, tinctures, or even marinades. They’ll make you feel invincible!  

“Raw” indicates that these berries have not been heated or processed in any way. Therefore, it is necessary that it is processed further before consumption.

This 25-pound bucket comes frozen in temperature-controlled packaging and shipping.  

Consuming raw elderberry juice and/or raw elderberries can produce toxic and uncomfortable symptoms.

Size: 25 pounds
Bulk products like this need to be purchased and shipped separately of any other product or other bulk product. Please make separate orders for your bulk items and any other products you wish to purchase! 


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Organic frozen whole elderberries (sambucus canadensis) 

Processing these berries further is required before consumption. Raw elderberries should never be consumed. 

Sambucus canadensis or the American Elderberry is native to our Iowa region and as replenishing to our bodies as it has been to our land. We encourage you to do some research into what separates the American Elder and the European Elder!

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Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 17 × 15 in


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